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John W Earl

Hi Mark, Just got through your thoughts on what to do when a married couple has problems getting their spouse to provide a healthy sexual relationship. A couple of things were not addressed. One is that the couple should be very familiar with their sexual needs before the marriage. If this is so, and one of them sometime in the future changes and puts the brakes on their intimate relationship, then two things could be wrong, depending on their age and/or the length of their marriage. What does a man do when his wife goes into menopause or just gets too old to cut the mustard anymore, while the husband still loves her and wants to continue to be playful and continue their sex life? It would seem to me that the woman who once loved him with a passion should at least understand his needs and provide a modified sexual offering like being playful and doing whatever to bolster his ego along with his prostate. If her lost interest is due to his large beer belly, then he has an obligation to look in a mirror and face reality, much the same as she has to if she has added a 100 pounds to her body. If the wife is looking good and refuses to play, then the problem may be lack of interest or another guy. If a woman or man is not interested because of a medical problem then it seems that the honorable thing to do would be to love and care for your partner and make good use of BOB or HOG (Battery Operated Boyfriend or Hand Operated Girlfriend).

I for one, when first dating my wife when I was 69 years of age and she was 63, took on a very sensual woman who had taken care of a very chronically ill husband before he died at 73. She faithfully took care of him and was, after he passed on, looking to make up for lost time. I was very lucky to be in great shape, but at first I thought she would wear me out. I told her point blank that if I could not satisfy her, she was permitted to seek out an additional sexually safe partner. My wife to be was in really good shape when we met. She believed me when I first met her and told her I was 55. I felt if I posted my real age, I would get no-where. All went well, I provided her what she needed which was beautifully erotic. It has now been 11 years and unfortunately she is the one who became disinterested and removed from our once healthy romance. She claims to have too many aches and pains to put up with my passion for her. She always reminds me that love does not require sex. I remind her that if she truly loved me, we could find a less athletic form of sexual activity. I continue to be lustful because she still looks good to me. She continues to avoid my advances. But treats we well and cares for me. And I, out of frustration will make her feel guilty enough to perform---but I do not like doing this. For now, it is porn and hand that keeps me on an unstable, but even keel. And it is a fact that women tend to lose interest much earlier then men. I need a good horny woman to bump into. Leaving my wife would make me feel terrible.

Thank you for your thought provoking commentary.

John Earl

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